RS 38000 Ethernet Core Router


The RS 38000 is a high density metro core router. It combines powerful service creation abilities with support for the wide range of technologies that are deployed in the metro. As an MPLS Provider or Provider Edge router, it brings the scalability and reliability of MPLS-based service delivery for carriers. 

By enablling VPLS, the RS 38000 allows service providers to offer converged business services including VPNs and video conferencing and residential triple play services including VoIP, video on demand, broadcast television and tiered Internet access. These services can be backed by service level agreements which can be delivered end-to-end through strict quality of service at the edge and traffic engineering through the core.

The key to the versatility of the RS 38000 is its ability to support the same advanced services over Ethernet, ATM, TDM and SONET/SDH networks. This allows service providers to continue utilizing their existing production networks and increase the returns from these networks. It is a NEBS/ETSI compliant platform with the redundancy support required for high-availability networks.

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Key Applications for the RS 38000 Include:

  • Provide scalable converged services across the metro with a VPLS based Ethernet infrastructure
  • Leverage existing investments in ATM networks through ATM-Ethernet interworking to provide the same services across the entire network
  • Rapidly deploy Voice-over-IP networks that offer high-availability and stringent quality of service
  • Utilize production SONET networks to aggregate Ethernet traffic across the metro