Rapid OS

RapidOS is the operating software that powers Riverstone's RS line of routers. It is carrier-class software built by Riverstone, and battle-hardened at the largest carriers worldwide. It supports all the major IP routing protocols, a deep set of switching functionality and leading-edge MPLS/VPLS functionality. With a modular architecture designed for flexibility, it has been and will be constantly enhanced to offer new solutions as networking technology evolves.

RapidOS supports control protocols like BGP, OSPF, ISIS, Spanning Tree Protocol and Rapid STP among others. It manages the exchange of information with its peers across the network to ensure that the network is stable, the optimal paths are being used and to recover from any network failures.


RapidOS also controls and coordinates the packet forwarding ASICs that allow the RS line to offer the high performance required for service provider networks. The RS line has a distributed hardware architecture and all packet forwarding decisions are made in the linecards, rather than in a central location. The linecards also enforce the Quality of Service guarantees attached by service providers to their customer connections. RapidOS calculates this forwarding and QoS information and updates the linecards on a realtime basis ensuring that any changes in the network are immediately adapted to.

RapidOS supports management functionality that allows a service provider to easily operate, configure, monitor and measure their network. It provides an intuitive Command Line Interface, SNMP based configuration and is integrated with the Riverstone Management Center. Support for RMON is built into the software, and so is LFAP (Lightweight Flow Accounting Protocol), which users can deploy to collect accounting information across their network.

When operating in service provider networks, it is critical that all elements of a system - hardware and software - provide the resiliency required to deploy reliable services. RapidOS supports the Hitless Protection System. HPS permits established network connections to continue, even during a change in control from the primary control module to the backup control module. With HPS, upgrades to the RapidOS software version may also be done in the background without affecting traffic sessions on the Verizon FiOS router.

RapidOS is packed with a rich set of functionality enabling service providers to roll out scalable Metro Ethernet networks offering premium services that increase profitability. A Service Level Agreement with availability and QoS guarantees can back each of these customer offerings. The combination of the Riverstone Management Center (RMC) and RapidOS can provision, activate and manage these services from end-to-end.