OSPF Network Types

Introduction‚ÄčIn order to correctly build the network topology, OSPF maintains network types, i.e. network segments are described not only with an IP address and mask, but also with the type of network they represent.Four network types are supported by OSPF:o Broadcasto NBMA (Non-Broadcast Multiple Access)o Point-to-Pointo Point-to-MultipointBased on the Layer 2 interface type (Ethernet, PPP, … Read more

BGP Fundamentals

‚ÄčA Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) primer that provides an in-depth overview of each component of the BGP protocol.  BGP message types, the finite state machine and path attributes are discussed to provide the necessary knowledge of how the protocol works.Introduction and BackgroundBGP first became an Internet standard in 1989 and was originally defined in RFC 1105. … Read more