5 Best Routers For CenturyLink Fiber & DSL (2019) – CenturyLink Compatible Routers

Regardless of whether you have CenturyLink Fiber or CenturyLink DSL, you will want the best router for CenturyLink possible.

While CenturyLink offers a router for the cost of $10 a month, you will be better off buying your own compatible router.

Knowing what to look for in a router is essential to having a positive experience online, but you need to know what to look for in a router.

This means you will need to consider the level of performance that you need and the features that would most benefit your network.

We have broken down everything that you need to know about CenturyLink compatible routers.

Benefits Of Having Your Own Router For CenturyLink Fiber

Best Router For CenturyLink

Better Performance & Faster WiFi

Rental routers typically have only mediocre performance levels. They might do well for basic browsing, but most networks now need routers that can help you stream from anywhere within your house.

Faster WiFi is also important, because the quicker that your router can download, the faster your streams will be. Rental routers are not made to give you the best performance possible, because they would be too valuable to rent out.

Save On Rental Fees

We have all been victims to inflation and the continued normalcy of high prices. So, we might think that $10 a month is really the equivalent of two cups of coffee.

Would you rent a modem/router for $120 that you do not get to own and that does not have the features that you really want from your router? You will save yourself money in the long run for purchasing the best router for CenturyLink rather than settling for a rental.

However, make sure that you are buying one of many CenturyLink compatible routers.

Extended Wireless Coverage

Since wireless coverage rides on radio waves, they can only travel as far as the reach of your router. For some, this is not a large concern since they live in smaller places.

For people in larger homes, however, having the right amount of reach from your router can eliminate the risk of dead spots. Rental routers do not come with extended coverage. The range they give you is all you can get.

CenturyLink Fiber vs. DSL Routers Explained

The way that Fiber and DSL work with routers is different.

  • Fiber: Fiber utilizes fiber optic cables that run to your house into an ONT box, which is used in place of a modem. Routers connect directly to the ONT.
  • DSL: DSL uses telephone lines for coverage. You need a modem to connect to CenturyLink. Your router will connect to the modem to emit WiFi throughout your network. You can also get a modem/router combo.
  • Transparent Bridging Mode: Since there are limited modem/router combos for DSL, you can use the CenturyLink modem/router as a gateway with a third-party router for better WiFi speeds. This works through Transparent Bridging Mode.

5 Best Routers For CenturyLink Fiber & DSL (2019)





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1. Linksys EA7500

Editor's Choice

1900 Mbps

4 Ports


2. Netgear R8000

High Performance

3200 Mbps

4 Ports


3. Medialink AC1200

Budget Friendly

1200 Mbps

4 Ports


4. Gryphon AC3000

Extended Coverage

3000 Mbps

3 Ports


5. Motorola MD1600

DSL Modem Router

1600 Mbps

4 Ports


1. Linksys Max-Stream EA7500 Wireless Router

Best Router For CenturyLink Fiber (Editor's Choice)

The best wireless router for CenturyLink is the Linksys Max-Stream EA7500. This router offers great performance and coverage, making it an excellent choice for your home network.


Starting with the physical design of the router, you will find that the Linksys Max-Stream EA7500 sits horizontally on your desk and has a black casing, as is the standard for routers. It cannot be stood up vertically.

The design also features 3 high performance antennas that can be pointed in any direction to help extend the reach in the direction of your most important devices.

The Max-Stream EA7500 is easy to set up. It has one USB 3.0 port as well as a standard USB 2.0 port and four 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports.

You also get security options, and parental controls to be able to have a hand in what children are able to access online. You can customize the security settings to meet your security needs.


The Max-Stream EA7500 can easily handle over 15 devices simultaneously, which is really ideal for the modern household. So many devices have WiFi now, that the more devices that it can handle, the better.

You will also note that it comes with MU-MIMO technology, so more than one user can be streaming on different devices simultaneously.

You will get decent coverage from the Max-Stream EA7500, up to 1,500 square feet, making it work throughout the average home network. The Max-Stream is a dual-band router.

The 2.4GHz band offers speeds up to 600 Mbps and a 5 GHz band with speeds up to 1,300 Mbps, giving you a combined speed of 1.9 Gbps. Whether you get those speeds depends on your internet package.

  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Speeds up to 1.9 Gbps
  • Supports over 15 devices
  • Coverage up to 1,500 sq. ft.
  • 4K HD streaming
  • We didn't find any

2. Netgear Nighthawk R8000 Smart WiFi Router

High Performance

If you are looking for a high performance router to go with your CenturyLink internet, regardless of whether you have DSL or fiber, we suggest the Netgear Nighthawk R8000P.

This is a high-speed router with a lot of great features that build it up to being a top performer.


Looking at the design of the R8000P, you might notice that it looks slightly different than other routers. It does sit horizontally, like most routers do, but there are six external antennas that are coming out of it. You can point the antennas in the directions that you prefer.

The R8000P uses both Connect and Circle App parental controls to help you to pause internet access by device, view site history, and filter websites.

The settings for the parental controls cannot be configured through the app, however, so you will need to be done on a computer instead. These benefits are included with the router at no additional charge. You can also set time limits.


Looking at the R8000P’s performance, the router has MU-MIMO technology, so it will ensure that you do not suffer any lag when streaming or gaming due to another device hopping on to do the same. It will allow you to stream without interruptions, interference, or delays. This is ideal for a network that streams a lot.

Generally speaking, the performance of the R8000P is excellent, because it supports up to 55 devices, which is perfect for the modern smart home. The coverage works over three bands to give you a combined total of 4,000 Mbps, which should give you a lot of speed to work with.

  • Tri-band
  • MU-MIMO tech
  • Supports up to 55 devices at once
  • 3,500 square feet in coverage
  • Circle App parental controls
  • App is limited with settings

3. Medialink AC1200 Gigabit Wireless Router

Budget Friendly 

You can still get a quality router for CenturyLink when you are on a budget. If you are watching your funds, we recommend the Medialink AC1200.


This Medialink is black with two high gain antennas. The router is horizontal. The bright lights of the router are one of the best selling features of the design, but not because they are easily seen, but because they can be turned off so as to not annoy you in a darkened room.

The parental controls that come with this router allow you to limit the amount of time that your children can be online, by limited specific devices. You can also set it to only work on certain days or times to keep your children’s screen time down.

This router has an easy to set up and there is a good amount of support offered by the company itself if you are having any trouble, so you can call or chat with them for more help.


Do not let the price fool you. Even though this is a budget friendly router, it does have good performance.

This Medialink router boasts Gigabit ports that can provide 1000Mbps with 4K video streaming. Because it does not have QoS or MU-MIMO available, it will not work as well if too many devices are trying to stream at the same time, however.

This router has good range, because it has Beamforming and 2 high powered antennas, the coverage should reach the entirety of the average-sized network. The antennas can also be moved to point in the direction of the devices that require the strongest signal.

  • Good parental controls
  • Guest network access
  • Lag-free 4K streaming
  • Strong firewall
  • Router lights can be shut off
  • Not a good choice for gamers

4. Gryphon AC3000 Mesh WiFi Router

Extended Coverage

Some networks require more wireless coverage than you can get from a basic router. If this sounds like you, you should take a look at the Gryphon AC3000. This is an entirely unique router that might take you by surprise.


Instead of the traditional black casing, the Gryphon is white with a tower design. This might help it blend in easier with your home décor. Inside of the router, there are six high-powered internal antennas that should be able to reach anywhere within your network.

The Gryphon router has an easy smartphone app that helps with parental controls. These features let you filter control, screen allowed time, and even times of day that it will be available to get onto.

It does not allow you to block specific access, however, if you needed to block certain types of content from devices that are connected to the network.


The Gryphon reaches up to 3,000 square feet in coverage. This router also works like a mesh system, so you can add extra wireless points to further increase the size of your coverage if you needed to.

When you buy this, you will only get the one WiFi point, but the more Gryphons you have, the further your coverage will go.

The throughput for the Gryphon router is up to 3 Gbps, utilizing its simultaneous tri-band radios. It does have one 2.4 GHz band and two 5 GHz bands to work with, keeping your download speeds incredibly fast.

It has 4x4 MU-MIMO and antenna Beamforming, which improves the overall coverage and does help explain that impressive 3,000 square feet in coverage. It can handle more than one device streaming at the same time.

  • Covers 3,000 sq. ft. with just one point
  • Expandable mesh system
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • 3 Gbps speed
  • Tri-band radio
  • App is limited with control

5. Motorola MD1600 DSL Modem Router

Best Modem Router Combo For CenturyLink DSL

Finally, if you have CenturyLink DSL and are aiming to get a modem/router combo unit, we have you covered. The best modem/router combo is the Motorola MD1600.


The MD1600 is a well-designed device, standing tall rather than lying flat. It makes it much easier to conceal and also easier to keep cool.

The Motorola MD1600 was designed with security in mind, including a wireless security that will keep any malware from hopping along your network and harming your devices. The security includes WPA/WPA2 security that has been built into the router itself.

The MD1600 comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports, which will allow you to plug in any device that needs a reliable and uninterrupted connection rather than a wireless transmission. This is especially important if you are streaming HD videos or gaming online.  


Taking a look at the performance of the device, the MD1600 is made to handle high speeds, including gaming and streaming. You can either wire in your devices directly to the modem/router combo, or use them wirelessly.

The MD1600 delivers internet speeds up to 100 Mbps, depending on the speed of your internet service to your home. It is made to offer high speeds to all wireless devices within your network as well, whether it is an HDTV, gaming system, or even just a standard laptop.

The MD1600 has incredibly easy setup wizard that can get you up and going without causing you a headache in the process. Setting up a new piece of technology is always frustrating, so it is nice to see that you should be able to get through this one unscathed.

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Includes WPA/WPA2 security
  • Speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Comes with 4 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Tower design
  • Buffers once in a while

Things To Consider When Buying CenturyLink Compatible Routers

CenturyLink Compatible Routers

Do You Have CenturyLink Fiber Or DSL?

Even though both Fiber and DSL operate through CenturyLink, the same routers will not work for you. CenturyLink Fiber only requires a router to connect to the ONT box for wireless coverage.

DSL needs both a modem and a router for service, so you might want to get a combo unit if you can. Your modem will need to be compatible with CenturyLink if you have DSL.

Number Of Connected Devices

Another factor to think about is how many devices that you have connected to your router. If you only have one or two devices, it will not make a big difference since your router is unlikely to become overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, if you have a smart home with a lot of wireless device, you need to make sure that you have the best WiFi router for CenturyLink for homes with a lot of devices.

WiFi Standards (AC vs. AD vs. AX Routers)

You also will need to consider the WiFi standard that comes with your router. The current standard is the 802.11ac, which uses the 5 GHz band exclusively.

The 802.11ad standard delivers fast WiFi speeds over a shorter distance, while the 802.11ax router standard is faster than the 802.11ac is. The ax band offers the MU-MIMO technology and is compatible with the previous WiFi standards. The 802.11ad does not allow backward compatibility.

Final Words

Without a doubt, the best router for CenturyLink is the Linksys Max-Stream EA7500. This is a high-speed router with reliable performance, offering speeds up to 1.9 Gbps, and that can allow up to 15 connected devices at a time.

While 15 devices should be appropriate for many networks, if you need extended coverage, we suggest the Gryphon router that can be extended through a mesh system.

Or, if you have CenturyLink DSL and are looking for a combo unit, the Motorola MD1600 might be the best router choice for you.

Consider your network’s needs for performance and features, and choose wisely.

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