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As technology continues to move forward, we need to look at what is the latest thing on the market in order to stay current.

While 5G is not widely available yet, you should be looking at the best 5G routers are if you are looking to have a portable router or hotspot.

Even though the routers are not widely available and the technology is not currently around, being set to jump on it when it does come out will put you on the forefront of internet and cellular technology. Don’t wait to learn what you need to know about your future devices.

How Does A 5G Router (Mobile Hotspot) Work? 

Best 5G Router

A 5G router, or mobile hotspot, works the same way that a 4G LTE hotspot works. When it is made available everywhere, 5G will replace 4G LTE. 5G is a kind of mobile technology that is portable and works with cell towers.

This will allow you to have internet connections anywhere, as long as you are near a cell tower.

 The hotspot will direct the signal from the 5G tower to your router and then across your connected devices.

3 Best 5G Routers (2021)





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1. HTC 5G Router




2. Verizon MiFi M1000




3. Netgear M5 Router




1. HTC 5G Router Hub

The HTC 5G Hub for Sprint is made for either home or office use for people who want to use Sprint’s 5G network when it becomes available. The hub is powered by a 7,660mAh battery that has an excellent lifespan. The internal battery means that you can take this with you anywhere, not needing a power adapter.

On the back of the hub is a USB-C port as well as an Ethernet port so that you can attach external routers to this device. Interestingly enough, it also has a 5-inch Android-powered display, so you can stream shows and movies from apps right onto the device itself.

Since this is a kind of hotspot, it allows up to 20 users to connect to it at the same time. The device itself weighs 12 ounces and has a screen that is 5.08 inches x 3.94 inches x 1.70 inches.

2. Verizon 5G Router MiFi M1000

Another 5G router to consider if you are hoping to buy one is the Verizon 5G MiFi M1000. This 5G router has Ultra Wideband connectivity.

It allows you to connect up to 15 WiFi devices to be used simultaneously. Even though 5G Ultra Wideband isn’t available yet, this device still supports the 4G LTE speeds that are found around presently.

The battery on this hub is a 4,400 mAh Li-ion battery, so it should be able to last throughout an entire day, but it really depends on how many devices are connected and the kind of activity the devices are doing. The heavier the streaming and more devices, the faster the battery will drain.

The device also has a USB-C and RJ45 Ethernet ports for tethered connections as well as a touchscreen display. The screen itself is 2.4 inches. It also supports dual band WiFi as well, reducing congestion on its network.

3. Netgear Nighthawk 5G Router M5

Netgear also launched a mobile hot post that supports both 5G and WiFi 5. This is a full-featured 5G hot spot that will work with a variety of carriers and even has an unlocked version so that it will work with any carrier.

The M5 supports millimetre-wave, sub-6 networks as well as WiFi 6 devices. While this is not Netgears first 5G hot spot, it is the first that will be available across carriers and more available to consumers. The device will also work with 4G LTE now since 5G is not available everywhere yet.

Where there are 5G services are available, the M5 should work. It is built to be flexible between types of 5G. Netgear also reports that the M5 can reach speeds up to 4 Gbps and also has VPN pass-through support and password protection in order to keep the network as safe as possible.

Reasons To Get A 5G Router (5G Hotspot) 

If you are wondering why you should get a 5G hotspot when it is not available everywhere yet, there are a few reasons.

  • Availability: When 5G finally does come out, it will not be everywhere right away. It will only be in some locations, so having a hotspot will bring it to you.
  • It will be the best new tech: When you have a 5G router, you will have the best and most current technology.
  • Future proof: Since they support the latest technology, having a 5G router will mean that you do not need to replace it again in the near future.

Final Words 

While 5G is not an available technology in most places yet, it is coming. When it does, it will have the ability to support incredible speeds for all of your WiFi devices.

Buying the best 5G router now does not mean you have to wait to use it, since they also support the current 4G that is available.

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